What’s your favorite piece of cookware and cooking utensil?

What type of cookware or cooking untensil should "they" invent?
How would you improve your favorite cookware/cooking utensil?

I love spatulas! ah hahaah and tongs

8 Responses to “What’s your favorite piece of cookware and cooking utensil?”

  1. Star Wars Fanattic Says:

    I love spatulas! ah hahaah and tongs
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  2. Jean S Says:

    I love my non stick wok!!
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  3. bully Says:

    My cast iron skillets are great.

    Wooden spoons.

    They need to invert a garlic press that actually works and doesn’t leave gung in the basket thing.
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  4. Reference Librarian Says:

    My very well-seasoned iron skillet! Love it! Holds the heat makes the best pancakes, home fries, scrambled eggs, burgers, you name it.
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  5. professor grey Says:

    I’d have to say my mandolin, I love very thinly sliced veggies, especially colorful beets. As for cookware, I’d have to say it’s my cast iron skillets, they cook evenly and never show signs of aging.
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  6. sam Says:

    Cast iron, baby! My big cast iron skillet, I have a set of cookware that’s cast iron, love all of it! and Long handled spoons, wood or metal!
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    me, cooking and baking 30+ years

  7. Golddust Twin Says:

    A mandolin for making thin, even slices and a well seasoned iron skillet or enameled iron skillet.
    I have heard there is new non-stick that is non-toxic. Would be interested in that, as a good non-stick saute pan is great for omelets.
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  8. katzpro Says:

    I like my slow cooker, and cast iron crock pot. For utensils my meat mallet, I like to let out some aggression.
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